Information Adobe Connect

At the beginning of the term, problems logging in to the Adobe Connect classrooms are sometimes experienced. This is due to server overload at SUNET, the main provider of this service to all Swedish universities and higher education institutions. These are the recommended "First Aid" steps:
  1. Wait for a positive connection. Exiting and re-entering Adobe Connect will only further increase the strain on the system.
  2. If you cannot gain access to Adobe Connect at all, please log in to Moodle. In Moodle, you can view notifications from your teacher or other students about changes and decide upon a suitable course of action. You may have to change the login link to another Adobe Connect room (please note that your teacher may have decided to use another communication tool). If you cannot gain access at all, log in to Moodle (or any other communication channel previously agreed upon). Messages signalling that the teacher or other students attending the course are experiencing the same problem will also be visible in Moodle.
  3. Please report the problem to our Service Centre at: The error reports are requisite for the best possible remedial measures.