Course evaluation


Why should I fill in the course evaluation?

Course evaluations are an important part of the development of our courses at MIUN. They are the principle method of picking up students' experiences of individual courses. MIUN uses an evaluation system called Evasys. The first questions are the same for all courses and concern what students think of aspects of the course such as whether the course objectives were met and whether the course fulfilled equal rights criteria. The later questions are decided by the teachers and concern issues relevant for the particular course and its contents.

We hope you will fill in the evaluation the next time you complete a course. All answers are anonymous, which means you have more freedom to say what you think, but also a responsibility to give constructive criticism.

The course evaluation goes out by e-mail on the last weekday of the course, either to the e-mail address you registered when you began your studies at MIUN, or to your student e-mail address. It's easy to access course evaluations on your mobile phone, tablet or computer by clicking on the link in the e-mail. The course evaluation is open for thirteen days before it closes.

By completing the course evaluation you contribute to student participation in course development!

We're looking forward to seeing what you think.