Trubble with Adobe Connect
In the beginning of the semester there can be a problem connecting to Adobe, because of the ”overheated” servers at Sunet, who delievers...Read more »
Would you like to sing in our student choire in Sundsvall?
Sing with our student choire Gungner in Sundsvall. 16/1-17 kl 18.00-19.30 i Fälldinsalen (N109) 23/1-17 kl 18.00-19.30 i Fälldinsalen, N109Read more »
Changes to the library's collection of databases and online resources
The new year brings some changes to our collection of databases and online resources. Read more at:...Read more »
Complaints about orderliness in Learning Space
After the holidays, we have unfortunately been reached by some complaints concearning the orderliness in Learning Space (4th floor of the...Read more »
Interested in exchange studies abroad?
As a degree seeking student at Mid Sweden University, you may have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at a partner university....Read more »
The restaurant at Grönborgs, Campus Sundsvall, will be closed during december
The restaurant at Grönborgs will be closed from 1 December due to reorganization. The restaurant is expected to open again in the...Read more »
Interested in exchange studies in the north?
North2North is a mobility program for exchange studies in Nordic countries such as USA (Alaska), Canada, Iceland, and Russia. The...Read more »