Health and insurance


Prevent unpleasant surprises and make sure you have insurance! Insurance should preferably cover yourself, your property and your accommodation.

Medical Insurance

In Sweden, medical treatment is very expensive without any form of insurance. During your stay at Mid Sweden University, you will be insured with a plan that covers emergency medical and dental care. Because only emergency visits are covered, it might be a good idea to have a thorough medical and dental check-up before leaving for Sweden. If you need to consult a dentist in Sweden, go to your nearest public dental clinic, Folktandvården.  If you need to see a doctor, go to the nearest Public Health Centre, Vårdcentral.  

During leisure time

EU/EEA Citizens

EU citizens should bring the European Health Insurance card, filled out by the Social Insurance Office in their home country. The card states that you are entitled to health care at the same conditions and at the same price as Swedish citizens. Take this with you anytime you need to seek medical care. EU citizens studying for a programme extending one year are advised to apply for Swedish Personal number (personnummer) at the Swedish National Tax Board (Skatteverket).

Non EU/EEA Citizens  

Staying one year or more
As an international student from outside EU or EEA staying for more than a year (+365 days), i.e. if you have a residence permit valid for more than 12 months, you can apply for a Swedish Personal Number issued by the Swedish National Tax Board. This entitles students to medical care at a standard patient fee (same as for Swedish citizens). Before you will get your Swedish Personal Number, you will be insured by the Swedish State Insurance Agency (Kammerkollegiet) through FAS plus. This insurance covers emergency medical and dental care 14 days before the semester starts until you get your Swedish Personal Number. Read about the terms and conditions on Kammerkollegiet's webpages.

Staying less than a year
Students from non EU or EEA countries who have a residence permit valid for less than one year are not entitled to civil registration, and the civic benefits that such a number provides. These students will be covered by the FAS Plus insurance from Swedish State Insurance Agency (Kammerkollegiet) during the programme and 14 days before and after the programme start and end dates. This insurance covers emergency medical and dental care. Read about the terms and conditions on Kammerkollegiet's webpages.

Insurance for Programme Students Insurance for Programme Students

All tuition fee-paying students at Mid Sweden University are covered by comprehensive insurance called FAS Plus issued by Kammarkollegiet. The insurance pays for necessary and reasonable costs for emergency medical care or dental care when the insured, during the policy term, suffers illness or has an accident.The insurance applies during the education period as well as two weeks prior to the start of studies and two weeks after the end of studies. After tuition fee payment is made an insurance certificate will be sent to the student. This certificate should be sent to the Swedish Migration Board with your application for a residence permit. The insurance also applies for fee paying students who have been awarded the Mid Sweden University Tuition fee Scholarhips. The insurance does not cover students who are SI-scholarship holders.

All European programme students that do not pay tuition are insured in their first academic year at Mid Sweden University through Kammarkollegiet's Student IN insurance (which is the same as exchange students have). We do, however, strongly recommend that you bring your EU health card.