Pick-up service


Mid Sweden University offers a pick-up service to international students admitted for spring semester 2019. The Pick-up service is free of charge, and available upon arrival in Sundsvall and Östersund.

Pick-up dates

The service is offered from 12 to 16 January 2019 between 8am - 11pm (08.00 - 23.00) each day. No other dates or times apply.

Deadline date

The application deadline was the 18th December 2018!

How does it work?

  • The pick-up service is free of charge and intended for newly admitted students, not accompanying family members or/and friends.
  • The pick-up service is operated six days before the introduction begins each autumn and spring. Students cannot be pick-up outside these scheduled days.
  • The pick-up is only available upon arrival to Sundsvall and Östersund. Students cannot be picked up in Stockholm/Arlanda airport or any other place outside our campus cities.
  • To be picked-up students need to apply through our online form and enter all information fields required.
  • To access this service students needs to apply before the deadline!
  • Students needs to apply online individually, even if they arrive in pairs/groups.
  • Two weeks after the deadline has passed, students will receive an email that confirms that they will be picked-up according to the details submitted.
  • Students are required to notify Mid Sweden University if there are any last minute changes to their travel plan/booking.