Skriv ut

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. Most international flights arrive at the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, just north of Stockholm.

Sundsvall is located about 400 kilometres north of Stockholm, and Östersund is situated about 180 kilometres to the northwest of Sundsvall, about 550 kilometres north of Stockholm. There are of course different ways to get to Sweden and to your respective campus. Here are some suggestions.

By Air  

The quickest way to reach Mid Sweden University from Stockholm is to fly to the Sundsvall/Timrå airport or the Åre/Östersund Airport, which takes about 45 minutes each. The distances from each airport to the cities are 22 km (Sundsvall) and 11 km (Östersund). Prices vary greatly and there are a number of flights every day. Information from the Scandinavian Airlines can be found at

By Train

Travelling by rail from the Stockholm City will take you to Sundsvall in about 3.5 hours, or Östersund in about 5 hours. If you are arriving at Stockholm – Arlanda Airport there are train connections to Sundsvall and Östersund from the airport. Information from the Swedish railway company can be found at

By Bus

A cheaper way to travel north from Stockholm is to take a bus with a journey time of 4‐7 hours. Information about the long distance buses can be found at

By Car

If you intend to drive to Mid Sweden University, you should follow the E4 highway northwards. From Stockholm to Sundsvall it is about 400 kilometres. If you are going to Östersund, you should continue through Sundsvall and follow the E14 highway in a north‐westerly direction. The distance between Sundsvall and Östersund is about 200 kilometres. Please note: Winter driving conditions apply November—April in mid Sweden.