University key card

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All registered students will receive a multi-function card, the MIUN card. The new entrance system uses multi-functional, contactless cards, where you do not have to put the card in the card slot, but only hold it close to the card reader.

Functions of the MIUN card:

University ID
A valid MIUN card is the ID card students and employees of Mid Sweden University use for the campus area. The card also grants you entrance to the premises and access to the functions and services of the university.

Entrance card
The MIUN card is your entrance card for the black card readers and it grants entrance to the parts of the premises you are allowed to enter, which is determined by where and what you study or where you are employed.

ID for library use
The MIUN card may also be used as a valid ID card when you borrow books manually at Mid Sweden University (bar code on the back).

Mecenat card with student discount
On the Miun card, there will be a Mecenat discount symbol for special offers with student discount. The discount is granted regardless of whether you study full or part time. If your rate of study is 75% or higher, you are also granted a SJ student discount for travelling by train. In that case, your Miun card will also have a printed SJ logotype on it.

Certification of your membership in the Student Union
If you are a member of one of the Mid Sweden University student unions, the logotype of your student union will be printed on your Miun card. For further question about how your student union uses the card, please contact your student union.

The Miun card can be used as an ID card for examinations at mid Sweden University (your Swedish personal ID number is printed on the back).