Activate your user identity

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Registration to Mid Sweden University is done through the Student Portal and it is very important that students formally register themselves on courses.To be able to get started with your studies you need to activate your user identity to the Student Portal.

International students with a Swedish personal identification number (format: yyyymmddnnnn, e.g. 198101201111) can create their own user identity directly after receiving admission.

Three easy steps to create your user ID to the Student Portal:

1. We use to verify your personal information. You start by logging into (see link below) by using your Swedish personal identification number and the password that you selected when you applied for the programme or courses.

Have you previously studied at Mid Sweden University? Use the same login information as before.
Have you forgotten your password at You can reset it here!

2. When you have logged into you will automatically be linked back to the Student Portal at Mid Sweden University. Here you can see the user name you have been assigned to the student portal. You will be asked to add your postal address in Sweden, agree to the terms and conditions etc and the last step are to choose a password for your user identity in the student portal.

3. Let's get started! Click on the link below if you are ready to create your user identity.

Creating my user identity

4. Done! Now you have a username and password to log into the Student Portal! You can now login to familiarize yourself with the student portal.

5. Log on to the Student Portal via

6. For more information about how to register on courses in the Student Portal, visit register on courses!